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RTK Dealers


Above prices do not reflect Cellular data plan pricing which is needed to connect to the PPN Ntrip Server

Our Service plans are designed to maximize value back to our customers.


With a low entry point and discounts for multiple units we are the best Network RTK value in the industry.


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Description MSRP
7 Day $150
31 Day $350
6 Month $1750
1 Year $3000

Service Plans


Our expansive "Virtual Reference Station" network allows you to keep working with quicker setup times and easy to access protocols.


Our "VRS" network uses an NTRIP server to create a "Virtual" RTK base station meaning that anywhere in coverage your signal correction will not degrade like traditional RTK


Corrections sent over existing 3G networks means you will connect quickly and easily

We started building our Network in 2010 and now have close to 100 sites with more than 12 dealer groups at 75 plus locations to serve you.


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